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Smart Bot RebelBot for Heroes of the Storm

Instructions for running the RebelBot:

1. Set the windowed mode in the game settings

Set the windowed mode in the game settings

2. Launch the full \ trial version of RebelBot

Launch the full Heroes of the Storm


3. Click the "Fix Variables" button

Click the Fix Variables

4. Follow the instructions that appear

5. In the game settings, DISABLE "Smart orders through the minimap" (Settings> Game)

Disable smart orders

6. In the game settings, DISABLE "Alternative colors" (Settings> Game)

7. In the Hotkeys settings, select the 'Quick cast' mode and switch to 'On' (Enabled)

Enable quick cast settings

8. Launch any gamemode and test the movement of the character by pressing button A on the minimap

Move hero by А-click by minimap

If the character successfully moves around the map after clicking by button A (English(USA)) on the minimap, then everything is right! Now you can launch RebelBot!

How to use the function "Replace config"?

1. Push the button "Replace config"

Click Replace config

2. After pressing the button, the hotkey file in the game settings folder will be replaced

3. After successful replacement, RebelBot will try to open the settings menu on its own and will prompt you to select a new hot key file. This can be done in the drop-down menu, which is shown below:

Choose config of RebelBot

4. After selecting a new hotkey file called RebelBot, it’s left to click the "Apply" button

Choose config of RebelBot second one

What should I do if RebelBot doesn’t see the Start button or the character doesn’t move?

Usually it is enough to click on the two buttons in turn in RebelBot - this is “Fix Variables” and “Replace config” and follow the instructions that appear or just contact with our staff. We will glad to help you! :)