RebelBot - boost your account and heroes in short time!
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Bot for Heroes of the Storm

Fully automated bot for Heroes of the Storm, which can boost your account and heroes, farm cases, gold and crystals in a short time while you sleep or working! 

RebelBot provides 100% safety of your account because does not require your login and password from and do not read&write code into game memory at all but simply control your mouse and keyboard like it's a real human.

Supported game version: 2.47x

heroes of the storm bot

Main features:

Support all current maps

Support gameplay for all heroes

Select important talents

Autoaim and use skills on enemies

Send notification to your smartphone or tablet

Provides security of your account

Detect lines with alive towers

And much much more..!

System requierements:

- Operation system: Windows 7, 8, 10 x64-bit! (On other systems it is possible to launch through Virtual Machine)
- Screen resolution: minimum 1440х900 (desirable 1600 or 1920)
- When running on laptops, configure Application scaling to 100% (screenshot is on Russian but.. ehh.. nvm D:)

- English interface language available & supports any game client language

Trial version

0$ / mon

  • Plays only one game
  • Doesn't support skills usage
  • Doesn't support talents pick
  • Doesn't support capture camps
  • Other useful things aren't included

Premium version

18€ / 4 months 

  • All functions included
  • Save 10$! -30% for every month!
  • All weekly updates included
  • 24\7 support avaliable
  • Acces to sub room in Discord

Standart version

7€ / 1 month

  • All functions included
  • All weekly updates included
  • 24\7 support avaliable
  • Acces to sub room in Discord